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We will match your values and team culture with the right company.


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We pride ourselves in being the ultimate matchmaker for our clients and candidates alike.

We are looking for top tier candidates.  That’s you. Always ensuring the quality of the work.  It’s you who creates the rhythm and flow of a position. And because you’re the best at what you do…we’re looking for the very best It talent in the industry – we’re looking for you.

Are you actively looking?

We work with top talent just like you to match you with awesome job opportunities. Our process is simple and easy:

  1. Search for open opportunities and apply
  2. Submit your resume
  3. Speak with an Recruiter to discuss open roles that match your background and desires. We are overcommitted to find you an opportunity that is a perfect match for you.
  4. Staffing USA’s #1 priority is to find you the ultimate career opportunity and we have motivated on finding you the match that fits your values.

In the meantime we are here to help you  whether its improving your resume, doing some interview preparation or sharing information about upcoming events and trends. Let’s stay in contact because we connect with amazing companies on a daily basis.

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Happy with your current position but looking to be updated on new opportunities that fit the specifications of your perfect dream job? Something closer to home? No travel or more travel? Better growth opportunities? More money? More flexibility? We work with a number of great companies who value candidates just like you!

And we want to meet you!

We Support You!

Add to our mailing list to stay up to date with events and trends

IT Project Managers

IT Project Managers

Hey You! We’re looking for top IT Project Management talent who go above and beyond the call of duty. IT Project Managers that consistency meet the project requirements on time and within budget.  Are you one of those standout IT Project Managers ready to take your career to the next level? If so, we’re here to help. We match exceptional IT Project Managers with companies that match your job and career opportunity needs. Connect with us today!
IT Business Analysts

IT Business Analysts

We’re looking for business analyst that are ready to make their mark with each project.  Is that you? Are you an IT Business Analyst who who thinks strategically and plans accordingly to prepare and engage every project.  Are you the type of IT Business Analyst who will act as an advocate for the business and an advisor to the team? If so, it’s your lucky day because we want to meet you!

We are ready to find you the perfect job match!

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What We Offer:


Do you enjoy the flexibility of working for a variety of clients?  Our contract solutions will help you fit your flexible schedule while working in a rewarding field and bringing value to your team. We offer contract staffing solutions just for you!


This is your opportunity to try the position before you accept the position. It’s not uncommon for professionals to take a role and then be ready to bail after a few weeks because the position is nothing like what they thought or what they were told. Our contract-to-hire solutions will allow you to test the waters before you sign on the dotted line.


Are you ready for a career upgrade?  You tired of working in a company that does not share your same values?  This is the answer you’ve been waiting for! We can match you in terms of skill, value, culture and your long-term goals with companies who are passionate about enhancing the world – introduce yourself today!

You ready to get matched with an awesome job?


Weekly pay

Direct deposit into your account

Health benefits

One-on-one communication with an assigned Recruiter

Stay up-to-date on industry trends

Learn about training opportunities

Work on the best projects with great companies